About Us

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Monroe Adams is a tribute to the women who made a difference in my life. I saw them create homes that exuded peace and comfort, and that's what sparked the creation of Monroe Adams: home is your sanctuary. Home is where you can Just simply be.™
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I'm Kelli, founder and primary maker at Monroe Adams. Monroe Adams is dedicated to helping you make your home your sanctuary of peace, love, joy, and beauty. I'm glad you're here!
Monroe Adams is a personal homage to the women who raised me. One of the key things I was taught is that home is what you make it. You can make it a place where you can be wrapped in peace, love, and contentment. 
That is why my motto is Just simply be.™ Enjoy beautiful home fragrances at Monroe Adams. Because home is where you get to just simply 𝘣𝘦. Visit the website and find something beautiful for your place of peace.
I'm not big on divulging my life to the masses, but I'm making an exception today.
Here's my little secret: Monroe Adams is my third attempt at creating a successful home fragrance business. The first business was called “The Love Kindly Company." I craved simplicity and thought keeping the branding black and white would make the brand easy and understandable. I was wrong.
Then I tried adding a bold pop of color to my branding and changed the name to “Love Kindly.” It was all about showing others love even when they don't show or give it to you. Being above hate. There was no real story there, just a “why can't we all just get along” type of mantra. It didn't resonate with me and it showed in my business. Sales picked up, but I still did not see the results I was looking for.
So, I decided that I might as well give up and close up shop. Everything is not for everybody, right? But something in me just would not allow me to give up. 
I decided to take a deep dive mentally and spiritually. I'm nearing 40 and in a phase of life where simplicity, rest, and peace are very important to me. To be well. To be whole. Be at peace no matter the circumstances thrown my way. I'd had enough of being anxious for the future and over stimulated by coffee.
Enter: Monroe Adams.
Monroe Adams is near and dear to my heart and I'm glad I hit the reset button on this business. I hope my products bring a sense of peace you and to your space. You deserve that. 
Thank you so much reading until the end. If you have questions about products or custom orders, let me know.